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Our Partners

Blue Bison Software

BLUE BISON KYC streamlines on-boarding and enforces best practices to ensure compliance with global and regional requirements. Blue Bison now offers FATCA compliance with its unified KYC solution, enabling institutions to manage all aspects of FATCA with automated processes that respond dynamically to each situation.

FATCA Enabled KYC Software

Our Know Your Customer solutions are called Blue Bison KYC-FATCA© and Blue Bison KYC-FATCA+CTM ® The Blue Bison flexible rules-based platform delivers fully FATCA compliant client on-boarding and management with integrated document management, workflow and product and country-specific logic.

Triverto Partnership

Triverto are delighted to have been selected as partners to Blue Bison software. We would be happy to demonstrate the system and discuss your requirements in further detail. For more information please contact Duncan Alexander or Robert Mason at Triverto